Webinar with Paperjam Club

“If you are going through hell, keep going” W. Churchil

The current crisis shakes the way we think about doing business and makes the company wonder what will happen next. Some take courageous “ad-hoc” steps to come up with new ideas, others prefer to wait and see. In both cases, it is necessary to navigate through the storm in a smart way and keep in mind what is essential for both: our customers and the business. Is Covid-19 crisis really a good time for change of business model? should we profit from “life in Beta?” In Art Square Lab,we are convinced that it is at least a good time to re-think the value proposition for our customer segments and how their needs and decisions will shift (have already shifted?) in the “new-normal”. 

Registration for webinar: https://paperjam.lu/en/club/event/2020-06-25-what-opportunities-for-busines?fbclid=IwAR3W4mW9lGz8r2y7xoDTkFEK9swxNwrLwW1GlrrP84uZucSLlqsFha2cL8U