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Registrations to Consumer Dialogue Day 2022 are now open!

Please join the one day event on 27th of April in Abbey Neimënster (9.00-17.00) in Luxembourg City or you can also join us on LiveStream:

Registration to online co-creation workshop (ENG)

The new consumer agenda

The new consumer agenda sets out a vision for EU consumer policy by 2025. At its center are the needs of consumers in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the goal of increasing their resilience.

Consumers should be able to act as confident players in the single market, so it makes sense to involve them in developing solutions to the situations they face. This is why the Ministry for Consumer Protection (MPC), in collaboration with the European Commission, is organizing the Consumer Dialogue on April 27.

Consumer concerns

Between mid-February and mid-March 2022, the MPC launched a survey in order to better understand consumer concerns. More than 2,500 people took the opportunity to share their thoughts.

These reflections were deepened in several discussion groups that took place during the month of March.

The conclusions will be presented on April 27 and will serve as a basis for developing solutions during the co-creation workshop organized for this purpose.

April 27th co-creation session

The data collected will bring forth interesting indications of the state of mind of consumers. This state-of-the-art collection will provide an excellent basis for new suggestions or recommendations to be discussed during the Consumer Dialogue, which will be an opportunity for citizens and institutions to express themselves and reflect on concrete solutions.

The co-creation process will be guided by Design Thinking: divided into small groups, participants will be confronted with challenges, formulated in the form of “How might we” questions, inspired by the results of the survey. The groups will not only discuss possible solutions, but will try to visualize them through simple sketches or by building prototypes. Through this process, participants’ ideas will be developed, tested and confronted with peer feedback, before being transformed into recommendations presented to MPC and the European Commission. Participants in the co-creation sessions can therefore expect a dynamic process with various partners, allowing them to explore new avenues of exchange.

In view of the health situation, the entire day will be designed in such a way that it can take place face-to-face or in a digital or even hybrid way.

Given the innovative approach, participants in the day will be issued with a certificate of attendance which can serve as a training certificate.

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