Circular city- is that possible? Impressions from Meet-up in May

Inspired by the case of the city of Amsterdam where the “Doughnut model” by Kate Raworth was formally adopted by the municipality as a starting point for public policy decisions” we were eager to discuss how far this change is possible in Luxembourg, what it takes to become circular city?

Is a circular economy the answer for cities, regions?
How can we design cities, regions?
What is the role of residents?
Can we have an influence and how?
What new models, such as the Doughnut model, can influence the way we want to live in the future?
Are we ready?

This time we had a pleasure to invite two experts: Kai Böhme and Frank Holstein from Spatial Foresight, a consulting company and think-tank specializing in political advice on European issues, with focus on regional and territorial policy. 

Many thanks to all the participants for the discussion about sustainability, circular economy, social entrepreneurship and education. We are definitely hungry for more!

More info about this fantastic change in Amsterdam here: (