Building resilient education? Possible with Plan B project.

Last year, we got used to talks about the future of work and the set of competences needed to turn fragile businesses into resilient structures that will face the new challenges.

And what about education?

How has work with young people been impacted during the pandemic? How did youth organisations adapt to the change? What personal and professional resources did they draw on to meet the expectations and needs of young people? What conclusions can we collectively draw from the Covid-19 crisis in order to change our working methods, our organisational modes and our mindset in a spirit of resilience?

There are many questions for society as a whole and especially for youth sector professionals who are on the front line of young people’s distress and concerns. We need to support their actions, to strengthen their capacity to adapt to change, to develop tools for creativity and an agile approach to problem solving.

The Plan B project, supported by the Grand Duchess Charlotte National Charity in the framework of the call for projects “Young people – living well with the pandemic”, is aimed at non-formal education actors, and more particularly at youth workers and graduate and postgraduate educators, in order to support them in their practices in the field.

The project will be carried out in several stages, according to the Design Thinking methodology:

  • analysis phase: we will talk to the youth workers and educators in Luxembourg to understand their experiences and needs. What stories they have to share? by now we have conducted 16 interviews: find the Report with findings here!
  • a co-creation phase on 29th March from 8.30-12.30 in EXKI Gare/ Luxembourg City: there might be a solution out there, or a set of solutions but we need to build it together, brainstorm, ideate…Check the program and register here!
  • a training phase on the skills to be both agile and resilient: let’s share the competences so that we will be ready for whatever the future will bring!
  • a phase for the creation of a change management toolbox: multiplication of our learning is as important as all pother phases of the project.

If you are interested to take part in our thinking process, please contact