Art Square Lab is the first service design agency in Luxembourg.

Our clients

How we work



User-focused Research 


Qualitative, ethnographic research which helps to understand users' behaviour 

Tools: in-depth interviews, secondary research, surveys, co-design sessions, etc

Complementary to market research 





Co-creation and Prototype



2-4h creative sessions with users ending up with collecting novel ideas for service experience 

Building fast and low-fi prototypes visualising new ideas and quick tests to collect feedback



Testing and Validation 



Testing your service with the users (and future customers) allows us to track their pain points

Testing prototypes (low-fi to hi-fi)

5-10 tested persons




Latest news

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Who we are

Piotr Gaweł

Service Designer

Magdalena Jakubowska

Manager, Design Thinking Facilitator

Veronika Ondrikova

Service Designer, User-Centred Researcher
48 Avenue de la Liberté, L-1930 Luxembourg
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