Our story

Our adventure with the Design Thinking has started about 6 years ago, when we used to run creative projects for young and adult audiences in Poland, Germany, Italy, Macedonia and Luxembourg. Being connected to artists and designers let us learn their mindset and input into projects on different fields: education, social sciences, strategical thinking. Through these experience we understood the value of solving problems with creativity, seeing issues from different perspectives. At some point we had an idea to make a space for an artist in each institution, company, organisation…

The biggest value was not connected to aesthetics and “making things look pretty”. It was all about connecting the dots, finding the cross-industry analogies, asking WHAT IF questions, playing with abstract levels and making smart combinations. Starting with “why”.

This is how we got initiated to think like designers. To be design thinkers.

Slowly we have applied that set of design competences into working with people in community projects (citizen budgeting), humanitarian actions (connecting global schools online), educational curricula (intercultural education, combating illiteracy), business modelling (entrepreneurship of artists). Participants of our projects have started to notice the value of human-centered design and its potential in different fields (ngo, public sector, business). This led us to consultancy, co-creation workshops, facilitation of building prototypes.

We are specialists in facilitation of adult learning, co-creating with users, motivating teams to get creative and innovative. We have worked with NGOs, governmental agencies and business in many European countries. These experiences helped us to learn how to work in different countries, with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.

And overall- we are curious. We like listening to people, discovering how they perceive the world and what drives their actions. We master catching insights and turn them into opportunities.

Why? Because we believe that business value does not have to be “invented”. It can be “listened-out” of the user.