When design follows thinking in sustainable way!

#DiscoverEU is a fantastic initiative where young people of 18 years old can win a free train ticket to travel in EU, valid for 1 month (interail). Sustainable adventure! In addition, they can stop over several places and take part in a #meetup together with other participants of the program.

Last week in Luxembourg, Anefore had a chance to host young people in the city of Esch sur Alzette. As Art Square Lab, we partnered to organise morning session of Design Thinking. Our challenge for this workshop was: How Might We contribute to Biodiversity in Our Cities? and how might we play a role, not only be spectators?

What made this workshop very special? Thanks to our collaboration with CELL – Transition hub in Luxembourg we managed to organise a REAL session of building the prototypes in #lapiazza of Bâtiment4. Doing not talking!

Having all great tools at our disposal along with professional advice, getting new competences (building!) and great motivation of the team – all ingredients that helped us to build several elements of biodiverse cities and green urban spaces.

The participants realised how to use recycled materials, create participatory spaces, collaborate together for common goals and make things in their communities possible!

All together, it was a great mix of bringing sustainable ideas to reality. We will remember that day for a long time!

The project was financed by Erasmus + programme of European Union.