Wëllkomm: Project PAN 2022

With the support of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region, our company is developing a project aimed at rethinking local or regional welcome events. The idea behind the Wëllkomm project is to support five Luxembourg communes from different parts of the country and help them initiate meaningful engagement of newcomers. As usual in the case of Art Square Lab all this will be done using the Design Thinking methodology and with a human-centred approach.

Once the communes have been chosen, we will talk to people who have settled there in the last two years, trying to collect as much data as possible which could tell us how they feel in the communes. We would like to see how they perceive living together, where they feel at home and what the obstacles to living in a new place may be.

In addition, we will also meet municipal actors active in the organisation of current welcome events or in the field of integration. We will particularly focus on their past experiences, their good and bad practices and their ideas for the future of such events.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

This will lead us to a co-creation workshop that will take place on 10th December 2022 in Ettelbruck. During this workshop, we will try to bring together representatives of both the newcomer group and the communes to try to co-create future welcome events. As usual, we will stand aside in order to leave the stage to the important players in this process, the people who participate in and organise such events.

Next year, following all the exchanges, we will prepare an interactive analogue and digital toolkit which will help support the municipalities in the organisation of welcome events. Communes will be able to choose from different formats and interactivity – there will be options for larger or smaller communes as well as a possibility to choose from different event durations.

Finally, the project also has a test phase where we will use the toolkit to help organise local or regional welcome events. This will allow us to test the toolkit and then apply the necessary changes.

At the time of writing this article, the following municipalities have expressed interest in participating in this project:

  • Echternach
  • Esch
  • Kehlen
  • Mertzig
  • Wiltz

Want to participate as a newcomer?

If you are new to one of the above communes and would like to share your story with us, please contact Hanna Siemaszko at hanna@artsquarelab.net. Hanna will also be happy to answer any questions regarding this project.

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