Focus on future competences: #imagination

“I have an impression that people do not have imagination to invent new ideas, connect the dots” said one of our clients last week. It is truth: imagination is a more and more frequent key word in our work, especially when it comes to development of future sustainable scenarios, bring new solutions, re-thinking solutions (products and services) that do not function.

Building tools

Together with 3 partner organisations: Co-Actions (France), M-Powered (Ireland) and the University of Turku (Finland) we keep on working on the topic of creativity and imagination in education. In last months together with Alla Gubenko, a researcher from University of Luxembourg, we have developed a self-assessment tool to be used to measure creativity of young people. Soon the tool will be published and promoted among youth workers and educators in our countries.

On last meeting in Bordeaux last week, we have also finalised our work on Tool Box for Creativity in Youth Work, already available on

Thanks to the involvement of the whole team, the tool-box gathers together ideas on how to talk to young people about sustainable futures. And in fact not only talk but also imagine and implement them with concrete tools in the youth houses, youth organisations and schools. Action for the future starts today!

This project is financed by Erasmus Plus programme of EU.