Creating Future Scenarios training

Imagine you wake up in a sustainable world. Where are you? What does your neighbourhood look like? Your house? What do you do for a living? What messages do you get? Was it difficult for you to imagine? 

Together with 20 youth workers, educators and trainers, we spent the last week exploring the potential of futures thinking and imagination in education for sustainable development. Do we know where we are heading? What kind of future do we want to avoid, and what kind of future do we want to create today? We looked for signs of change in our villages, towns, regions. How do visible trends affect our lives? Which of them do we want to support and which of them do we want to hinder? 

Then we moved on to reflection how young people imagine their futures and compared them with 4 possible scenarios (elaborated by Greenhut Polska)

  • Less is Enough
  • Self- consumed
  • Kind Capitalism
  • Active Restoration

We added futures thinking and imagination to our knowledge and commitment in order to determine the direction we want to take, to feel that change is possible and to create the future today. We also tried to boost our participants’ creativity to help them replicate it with their youth and support young people in taking action to create the future they want to live in.  

The project Sustainability Academy is financed by EU program Erasmus Plus.