Charles joins Art Square Lab!

As part of our social impact, we share our experience with the future generations. Welcome Charles, our new intern in our team!

“My name is Charles Even. I am from Luxembourg and currently doing an internship at Art Square Lab.

Why Art Square Lab?

I think that Art Square Lab’s mission to place humans at the center of innovation resonates with my passion for human-centered design. The idea that design thinking serves as a bridge between creative exploration and practical application strongly aligns with my professional aspirations. I believe that meaningful change is sparked when we genuinely listen to people, immerse ourselves in their perspectives, and leverage these insights to co-create solutions that address real needs.Moreover, I think that Art Square Lab’s curiosity-driven approach and dedication to discovering how individuals perceive the world and what motivates them speaks to my own curiosity. I think that insights can be transformed into opportunities that drive not only creative solutions but also tangible business value. Art Square Lab’s approach aligns with my desire to create positive, user-centric experiences that enhance both individual lives and the organizations we serve.

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