Who we are

Our adventure started in 2013, with workshops for artists and youth across Poland, Germany, Italy and many other European countries. Through these experiences, we understood the value of solving problems with creativity and soon we started holding creative workshops for NGOs and companies as well. In essence, we were teaching entrepreneurs to be creative and creatives to be entrepreneurs.

The design thinking process was a perfect bridge between these two worlds. As we started doing more consultancy, co-creation workshops and facilitation, we saw how it brought people to innovate and put humans again at the center of their work.
Today, we are a service design agency. But above all else, we are curious. We like listening to people, discover how they perceive the world and what drives them. We catch insights and turn them into opportunities. Why? Because we believe that business value does not have to be “invented”. It can be “listened-out” of the user.

Magdalena Jakubowska

Manager, Design Thinking Facilitator

Human-centred designer with 18 years of experience in the consulting industry. Skilled in Customer Experience Design, Service Design and facilitation. Life-long prototyper!


Piotr Gaweł

Service Designer

Service designer and social psychologist passionate about creativity and social innovation. Piotr is addicted to creative energy of co-creation!


Julia Gregor

Social innovator, Facilitator

Social entrepreneur, dedicated to develop sustainable projects and build social innovation in Luxembourg. Julia has almost two decades of professional experience with environmental education, development of regional projects with LEADER program as well as broad understanding of socio- cultural and socio-economic needs in the country.


Stéphanie De Geeter

Creative Project Co-ordinator

European project manager for 20 years in the field of professional education and research and innovation, Stéphanie is also committed to developing successful communication strategies for national public institutions and local organisations.