Design Jam in Madam was a blast!

More than 30 Jammers and testers took part in Design Jam that we run in Madam last weekend. 5 groups have worked on tangible prototypes of solutions for the following challenges: How Might We offer creative places in public space? How might we create natural spaces indoors? Through art, how might we connect people? and many others.

Design Jam is an opportunity for the participants to experience different way of thinking about problem solving. Following the methodology of Design Thinking, they have a chance to practice tools of user-research, ideation, co-creation and prototyping. It is great to see how the participants who never met before, put there heads together to explore the human-centric design. We hope they will bring it further to their communities and have a deeper dive in Design Thinking methodology.

Thanks to the Design City LX Festival and Pizza Hut for sponsoring the event!