11th June, Workshop: Facilitating Efficient Meetings

How many hours have you spent last week sitting in inefficient meetings? Long agendas, clicking through the slides, passing the floor of speaker to speaker, discussions without conclusions …

We are ambitious to change this situation and therefore set up following challenges:

  • How can we bring more dynamic, participation and efficiency into the meetings?
  • How can we make it easier for us to leave the meeting with a feeling of accomplishment?
  • Can the meeting be a storytelling, focused on engaging the participants?

Join us for this 7-hour workshop and will work on understanding the principles of facilitation, your role as facilitator and different styles. REGISTER HERE !

Program elements:

    • What is the value of gathering people together?
    • Me, the facilitator.
    • What journey do we take our colleagues for?
  • Facilitation tool box – let’s practice!

As a result you will: 

  • Understand the principles of facilitation
  • Learn to integrate the user-centric approach into your performance
  • Assess and build your facilitation style that resonates with the participants
  • Equip yourself with flexible skill set to design, run and wrap up meetings
  • Focus on challenges and traps: difficult dynamics, inclusiveness, power relations
  • Learn to be visual!

Who is it for?

External facilitators or internal team members responsible for running meetings in their work environment

Coming from: corporates, start-ups, NGOs, public sector ..

Eager to learn, experience, share

Who are your facilitators?

Piotr Gawel – Psychologist, facilitator, Service Designer 

Magdalena Jakubowska – Adult Learning Facilitator, Design Thinking Facilitator

Since 2011 we design learning experiences for private and public sector and will be eager to share our experience with you!

Check this video to see how we work! 


Where: Art Square Lab, Luxembourg City 

When: 11th June 2019


Investment: Full price 270 EUR (HTVA)

Are you a Student/Unemployed? – get 50% discount

Price covers:

    • Training materials
    • Certificate
    • 2h online consultation of Design Thinking facilitator (to be implemented up to 2 months after the Training)
    • Snacks and drinks
  • Good atmosphere!

Terms and conditions:

  • Max number of people is 8.
  • A minimum of 4 people to run the course.
  • We will notify and refund you if this event is cancelled.
  • No refund for withdrawal within 24 hours of the workshop date.
  • 50% refund for withdrawal within 7 days of the workshop date.
  • Tickets are transferable to other people but not to other races.
Art Square Lab is accredited by the Ministry of Economy as an organization for continuing vocational training.
Art Square Lab is accredited by the Ministry of Economy and Professional Training Organization.

You want to know more? Write me for more details  magdalena@artsquarelab.net

In Art Square Lab we love to create with people. We are curious because we believe that business value does not have to be invented. It can be « listened-out » of the user.